LETTER TO EDITOR: Cru responds to Nova Uriostegui's Sept. 24 column

Dear Editor,

Cru is an interdenominational, global, Christian, movement. Our goal at Elmhurst College is to

provide a safe space where people can come ask hard questions about God and consider what it

means to have a personal relationship with God. Anyone is welcome to come to our meetings

whether they have faith, no faith, or wherever they are on their faith journey.

Regarding the recent column about Cru, we have begun a process of listening to our LGBTQIA+

friends on campus and want to take this opportunity to make Cru an even more inclusive

community where all feel welcome. The column brought to light some ways our group

unintentionally made certain groups of people feel isolated. Know that student leaders of Cru and

the LGBTQIA+ community at EC will be in conversation and working together to see that

barriers between our two communities are removed.

We start our Cru meetings every Thursday night at 8 p.m., emphasizing our values of everyone

having a place to feel safe, wherever they are on their spiritual and personal journeys,

challenged, by who Jesus is and how that applies to our lives, and known, finding a community

of friends at EC that knows them deeply and loves them fully.

We want to encourage positive conversations, listen to one another, and live our lives to walk

with and be more like Jesus.

Thanks for helping us do this and let us continue the conversation.


Emilie Kottmeier

Hannah DeJonge

Chris Binder

Kirstin Gembala

Rebekah Small

Thomas Yarbrough

The Cru Leadership Team

LETTER TO EDITOR: Former EC student responds to Trump impeachment inquiry

Dear Editor,

Now that the impeachment of Trump is seemingly imminent, it is time for us to have a deeper discussion about the potential risks of attempting to remove the sitting president and how the process could actually help his re-election.

I am in no way attempting to tone-police or call for civility, but the fact of the matter is that impeachment is not a surface level issue. If you do agree that impeachment and removal of Trump is deserved, we must reflect and discuss what it could potentially allude to. 

Removal from office definitely will not happen. For someone to be removed from office, it requires that a majority of the House Judiciary Committee approves of the impeachment charges, a majority vote in the House of Representatives, and 67% of the Senate to vote in favor of removal. In a time where Trump has a stupendously high approval rating among the Republican party, I see no feasible scenario where the last step would happen right now. Assuming this does get all the way to the Senate, Republican senators are going to want to appease their base. It is perfectly fair to assume that a majority of their voting base approves of Trump. 

The lasting effects of a failed attempt to remove Trump from office would only help his re-election. He would brag about how Democrats failed, he would be perfectly correct in saying that we could not get him impeached, and it would be months of free media coverage about how he was able to beat impeachment. Historical polling trends show that any time an elected official has been put on trial for impeachment, their approval rating rises. This time is no different. Situations like this force people to pick a side, and most of the time, people in the middle would not quite see a reason to remove them from office if they do not already.

That is not something we should necessarily chance right before Trump’s re-election. By all means, I personally do believe he should be removed from office, but it will not happen, and I believe he only has ground to gain from a failed attempt. Right now, it seems that the best way to get him out of office would be to vote next year.

Thank you,

Brandon Boyle

Letter to the editor: Critique Yourself

*Editor’s note: Student Government Association (SGA) president responds to The Leader’s editorial opinions

To the Editors,

As I end my senior year and tenure on Student Government Association, I thought it was necessary to “wield the pen”. So here are my thoughts about, and advice to, this newspaper.

I am humbled that you believe in the prominence of SGA enough to be featuring us at least once a month. I only wish that you would ever choose to consult with our organization before putting out false claims against the very group that supports your existence. I believe that you have motivated writers, and I hope that you use that fervor to be better writers. This means being critical, while being understanding of the barriers that exist for those that you are criticizing. I, at the end of the day, am a student and can only do so much in my position. Moreover, I and those on the board with me are only human—always capable of making errors, learning, and growing.

The Leader’s relationship with SGA, or any Elmhurst College entity, does not have to be so negatively charged. It’s college. Your paper often seeks perfection from everyone besides itself. As the college is growing, we need to be bringing the community together. The Leader’s beratement on a different group or initiative every issue does the opposite.

You have claimed SGA wages wars and cuts budgets (we don’t), that the group is bias in their choices (we aren’t) and closed off to the student body (we constitutionally cannot be). In fact, looking at an article about SGA written by editors just two years ago—March 2016—we have successfully implemented or supported all initiatives listed. Unfortunately, there is rarely ever any recognition that in fact, SGA is working to serve the student body. I hope that your paper attempts to do the same.


Madiha Ahmed
2018-2019 SGA president