COLUMN: Not your goth girlfriend

Nova Uriostegui

You probably have seen memes talking about getting a “tig biddy goth girlfriend” just in time for Halloween, but in the same breath, make jokes about the group of cyber goths dancing underneath a bridge to synth music, living their best life.

What exactly is going on? Do you like goths or not?

Now we do not know if the music came first or the fashion, but the goth subculture has always been a staple in Western street fashion, whether it is as a cliché Hot Topic worker, or every girl who has worn black lipstick, ever. From “Mean Girls” to “The Craft”, goth girls have always been stereotyped as mysterious, fishnet-wearing vampire sex objects, surprisingly, but as is Hollywood, this does not translate to the real world. In the real world, goth girls are often bullied for their interests, not sought after by the common jock.

As someone who does not classify as ‘goth’ per say but does have gothic elements to their fashion, being teased in school has always been something that was my reality, and to see people wanting ‘goth’ girlfriends and even so much as fetishizing goth girls, it makes me critical of what exactly is becoming attractive about goth girls specifically.

Do they know what having a goth girlfriend entails? A lot of people do not think about that. It is one thing to hook up with a goth girl; it is another thing to date one.

Will you listen to her ramble about why she loves horror movies? Will you listen to why she likes/dislikes the Pastel Goth palette by Kat Von D? There is so much more to a goth girl than her image, but no one addresses any of this.

When a goth girl gets excited about a photoshoot in a cemetery, will you hype her up? People look at you weird for wanting pictures taken in a setting like this, but for some, death is not scary.

Goth girls enjoy the darker things in life, and unless you are supporting this in her and are willing to be there for her when she comes home crying because someone told her she looked like someone puked up Halloween, please do not say you want a goth girlfriend.

The goth subculture comes with a darker lifestyle and fashion sense, and a lot of times she will experiment with different hairstyles and makeup ideas, but are you ready for all of that?

Kudos to the goth women who use their style for pornography, and kudos to the women who dress goth on a daily and do not want to be someone's fetish.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual to realize what they are getting into and to not drag someone along because they simply like their outside.

Yes, hook up culture is a real thing, but a lot of times goth girls are teased and harassed more times than they are cat-called and complemented, so please do not waste their time because all you care about is the fishnets and black lips.