COLUMN: You will not be remembered

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By Marisa Karpes, Columnist

There is probably not a single person on this planet that does not want to make an impact in their lives. As humans, we want to be able to make our make on this big, beautiful world. We want to be able to die and have something grand to be remembered by--something that would even withstand the tests of time and long outlive us.

But unfortunately the world does not work that way.

It may seem way off, but the world is going to end soon. Most of everything made or thought of by humans will perish along with the rest of us. There will be nothing left. No one will be around to remember any of us.

Not even the people who have already achieved greatness. The pyramids created by the likes of those spanning across the world from Egypt to the Mayans will be gone. Our beloved Chicago skyline will fall from the horizon. The Constitution will no longer be preserved, and every book on every shelf will every idea ever will turn to ash. 

It is very likely that none of us reading this paper will even achieve such greatness to be known on a global scale, but nonetheless we will not be remembered even on the smallest scale in our communities.

It is almost time for the graduating class of 2018 to part ways with the college. Now, I personally have met quite a few seniors this year who I can called friends (some even being my colleagues here on The Leader). Don’t get me wrong, I am very sad to see all of these people leave. It is hard to imagine campus life going on without them, but it inevitably will. Life without them here will become the new normal--almost as if they never existed in the first place.

I learned this lesson upon graduating high school. I thought that I had made this grand name for myself and for some reason it did not occur to me that the world there would transition so well without me. The same occurs here and schools all over the world. They have chewed up and spit up so many students over the years it is impossible to see where one impact starts and another one begins.

So what’s the point of even doing anything remarkable if it doesn’t even make a difference?

I’m not trying to pick a fight with the optimists of the world or be completely pessimistic about the world. Believe it or not, I do want to do something remarkable, but even so, I do not think it should be approached that way.

We shouldn’t do things for the place or the status or to avoid falling into the great oblivion. We should do it for the people.

While people in our lives now may perish long before the end of the world does, but their love nonetheless is something that is far more important than being known more widely. You do not have to do the grandest thing to even win their thoughts and their support and their acceptance. 

For as long as I go and as long as I am able, I will always remember how I made my friends smile and how they made me feel when we went out on those late nights. Hopefully they feel the same, and that would be enough for me.

We don’t need the biggest splash because it does not exist. Your best self exists in the minds in those you love and those who love you. You don’t need that pressure of doing something necessarily remarkable. To them, you are the remarkable thing.