COLUMN: Six reasons to drink the journalism Kool-Aid

Roxanne Timan , Managing Editor

Roxanne Timan, Managing Editor

By Roxanne Timan, Managing Editor

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After working for The Leader for almost two years now, I can safely say I have become a journalist for life. There is something addicting about telling the (true) stories of our campus, and with our editorial board and staff looking meager for the future, we are looking to EC students to fill these voids in The Leader’s cold, cold heart.

If my begging and pleading is not enough, here are some reasons you should dive in to the wonderful world of journalism:

1. Chicks dig journalists.

Have you ever wanted all the EC students to know your name, including the sorority sisters who would normally not even look in your direction? Become a student journalist and you won’t just have the attention, but you will also have a witch hunt put out on you for stating your opinion! Nothing is more flattering than online hate, am I right?

2. Never fear FOMO (fear of missing out) again, because you’ll be reporting everything.

Cancel your plans of Netflix or Brazzers binges after class, because you will be booked with lectures, sporting events, and news to cover on this campus 24/7. Having a notepad and tape recorder packed in your journalist tool belt is also required, and yes, we have tool belts.

3. AP style becomes a part of your everyday life.

Your copyeditor is basically your priest in your religious journey through journalism. Every rule is a commandment in a book that might change its mind and reverse the rules next year. Wait till you are having sex AP style, you will thank me later.

4. If journalists were angles, we would be acute.

You come to realize everything is newsworthy if you can create an angle. Cafeteria runs out of mac and cheese? “Students experience starvation over Chartwells production error.” Get stood up on a date with the girl from your capstone course? “EC student apathy reaches beyond extra-curricular activities.”

 Boom. You made a news story.

5. Xoxo Gossip Girl.

You instantly become more in the know about the latest gossip on campus. If people want the word out on something, they come to you, the messenger, and you get to spread it like wildfire.

Two professors making out behind Schiable? An underground student cult? You never know what’s going to come through that door.

6.“Ass production” happens.

Mistakes happen, and you will learn from them. Some will come to you in the middle of the night menacingly, like the time you leave a serial killer film title in a print issue when the event is a family-friendly Christmas parade. Those are the ones where you wake up dripping in a frigid sweat, wondering how you got to this point.

The media is consistently under fire, it is not breaking news to anyone. Even the president does not like us, but we still push forward. As some of us live and breathe journalism, there are some who will chew us up and vomit after they realize how bitter and salty we really are. It’s a risky job, but don’t shoot the messenger.