COLUMN: Some leaders are mediocre at best

Nova Uriostegui

Student leaders on campus get the special treatment, not only with being invited to networking events with the Board of Trustees, being a part of exclusive committees, but also with their behavior outside of being in front of important administration, faculty, and staff.

Often student leaders are associated with contributing to the campus culture, being inclusive, and standing out, but that is just what some of them want people to see, and it is a smart move, but when some students know about the ugly truths behind these individuals, it calls the question about the standards these leaders are held to.

The banners around the campus with familiar faces of student leaders left a sour taste in my mouth, especially having known, or still know some of the people and their negative behavior outside of the public eye, and some of it even being public knowledge.

To be put on promotional material and banners that are associated with EC is to become a sort of poster child and mascot of the school, and obviously someone had to think they were a good enough candidate for this publicity to be put into these positions, but what about the student input?

What defines what EC sees as a leader? Someone who shows ambition but deliberately disrespects certain minorities, or how about someone who is involved but cannot make deadlines in the classroom?

Student leaders are meant to be people that the average student can look up to, and while we do have some who go above and beyond, we have those who say one thing and do another. So what is it that defines a glorious leader on this campus? Is it a high GPA? Number of extra-curriculars? Executive positions?

It should be understood that the banners are meant to show the various students on the campus, including commuters, people who have traveled abroad, etc, but it is still something to be critical about.

There are so many requirement questions when releasing promotional material with students and their stories for EC, but also, how in depth EC really cares about the actions of the student. Some of the people they used have done negative things, and although we cannot hold someone accountable for their past actions all the time, the knowledge is still there.

If these are the people that we, the students, want representing us to the outside world, we should have some say. At the end of the day, EC will give space to those they trust and think are best to represent the campus but will rarely look into anything that is not presented at face value, and they should.

Some of these students do not deserve the glory they have, or they should provide public apologies for things that many students know about. Past or present, you have to be held accountable and if EC will not do it, the public should.