LETTER TO EDITOR: student responds to Nova Uriostegui's Oct 9 column "Problematic Pronouns"

I disagree that students and faculty should be subject to pronoun use. I would like to point out that the transgender community was described to be “not a small one”. A study by the William Institute from 2017 determined that in the U.S. 1.4 million adults (0.6%) and 150,000 adolescents between 13 and 17 (0.7%) identify as transgender out of 325.7 million people.

This does not address the increasing amount of regret after a sex change, as brought to light by Miroslav Djordjevic, a leading specialist in sex reassignment and genital reconstructive surgery.

A study conducted from 1973-2003 concluded that persons that go through sexual reassignment also have increased rates of mortality, suicidal behavior, and mental illness.

Statistics aside, the issue is the idea that others should conform to an ideology as dictated by a singular community, transgender or not. I don’t believe that one group’s beliefs and ideas should be dominant over another. There should be respect of a person’s opinions, just as there is meant to be in this response.

Regardless of the fact that the transgender community in the U.S. is actually a small percentage of the population, I recognize that the community is not non-existent. Steven Crowder gave this example: It is generally taught that people have ten fingers and toes or two arms, regardless of the fact that there are exceptions. In cases such as this, majority rules.

The current construct of pronouns isn’t based on “social norms” but is consistent with a fact of biology that there are only two genders, male or female, except the 1.7% of people that are born intersex due to differing sex chromosome combinations.


Hanna Sicurella, EC student