EDITORIAL: Shitty Leaders Make Shitty Countries

We’re sure you’ve all heard about President Trump’s latest commentary on Haiti, El Salvador, and Uganda as so-called “shithole countries.” This isn’t surprising to say the least. Our president’s transparently racist rhetoric shined brightly during his anti-immigrant campaign, raising the eyebrows of the rest of the world.

While we collectively cringe with embarrassment, our nation’s leader has taken it upon himself to deny immigrants any sort of dignity once again.

Yet, what it it exactly that makes a shithole country?

For starters, a shithole country is one in which one percent of the population have influence over 30 percent of the nation’s wealth while 40 million impoverished citizens live in subpar conditions.

A shithole country has among the world’s most expensive healthcare systems, yet proves inefficient in providing basic health care to its impoverished citizens.

A shithole country is one that still has an entertainment industry we have idolized for decades that happens to be filled with pedofiles and rapists. We knew about them, and we didn’t care.

A shithole country is one in which its head Olympic doctor for gymnastics sexually assaulted young female athletes and had taken years to place this predator on trial.

A shithole country is a developed country that has the reputation of neglecting the rights of women, leading to the highest rates of preventable maternal death rates, unmandated paid maternity leave, and a narrow-minded push to keep female reproductive rights inaccessible.

A shithole country labels itself as “the land of opportunity” only to trap immigrants in a life of marginalization and constant suffering.

A shithole country is one that is ranked with one of the highest rates of domestic terrorism amongst its western counterparts. According to Newsweek, Americans comprise of the largest group of gun-owning citizens yet we make up one third of the world’s mass shootings.

A shithole country possesses the largest number of incarcerated citizens while its literacy rates ranked 45th in the world.

A shithole country wishes to build a wall in an attempt to isolate itself from its neighbors while also demanding those same neighbors to pay for it.

Perhaps we should point out that the most repulsive shithole of all does not exist on any map of the globe, but smack dab in the mouth that denies immigrants of their humanity, their happiness.

President Trump chooses to see through this narrow telescope when he should really be pointing the magnifying glass at his very own backyard. His rise into our country’s highest seat of power not only served as delightful stab in the heart of minorities, immigrants, and women but served as a reminder that our country is by no means deserving of any sort of appraise.

Yes, every country has its shortcomings and vices. The U.S is home to more than 300 million people who want nothing but life, liberty, and happiness. Still, as much as we boast and yearn for America to be a beacon of greatness and opportunity, Trump’s America just won’t cut it.