COLUMN: People Need Many People

By Marisa Karpes, Columnist

People. You can’t live with them, and you can’t live without them. Now more than ever us humans are getting on each other’s nerves, and it is just adding to all of the turmoil. Sure, there may be the selected few in our lives that we can fully tolerate; however, it is just not enough anymore. In order to truly make a difference, we need the numbers and for many people to finally work together and get on the same page.

Even though sometimes we may not all get along, standing together is important now more than ever--yet it seems hopeless. We all have so many conflicting opinions that it may seem impossible to find people who agree with anything we have to say. Though there are certain people who make us want to completely dissociate from the human race, we still need each other to grow and provoke change.

Good socialization is a crucial skill to have as both students in college and as future employees in the job market. More often than not, we are and will be forced to work with other people, both those we agree with and those who we disagree with it. While it may be troubling at times, most of the time it all works out. If you can make something happen with a group of people in a school or workplace setting for a grade or a paycheck, why not do it for a change?

I like to believe every person we interact with has some sort of impact on our lives as a whole. When times get hard and we just want to hate everyone, it is important to remember that it’s essentially other people who shape us into who we are. Parents raise us and teach us how to be. The friends we choose to surround ourselves with determine who to be. Hopefully, the jobs we have help in discovering what we want to be.

It seems, especially in this day and age, that more people don’t get along than those that do. It seems like two sides are raging against each other so much that there is no hope in anybody ever agreeing on anything ever again. It sometimes makes me want to give up on people, and it makes me believe that the world would be so much better if all I had to worry about was myself.

But it can’t be like that.

A single person cannot create a change. One person’s voice does not make that much of a difference. They need people, many many people to make a sound worth listening to. It helps tremendously when people can rally behind a cause to get stuff done.

Maybe some of those involved with running the country (and even the world) cannot work with others for the life of them, but that does not mean the rest of us cannot set aside our differences to make the changes we so desperately need.

It takes more than one vote in the polls. It takes a sea of black dresses on the TV and a sea of uterus hats on the streets. It takes many legs to march. It takes a battlefield of willing soldiers to win the war.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if you are a “people person,” you should still be somebody’s family, somebody’s friend, somebody’s co-worker, and most definitely somebody’s ally. With a force of many people working together, we can do anything.