COLUMN: Love thy neighbor

Roxanne Timan , Multimedia Editor    Follow her at  @Roxlobster

Roxanne Timan, Multimedia Editor

Follow her at @Roxlobster

Earlier this week, I headed to Wheaton College representing the Leader to help get some information on the hazing incident from 2016. I sat down on a bench in the blazing September heat, I cracked open the Wheaton Record to read, “Wheaton no longer the most LGBTQ-unfriendly college, says Princeton Review”.  

So many things went through my head. What does the term LGBTQ-unfriendly even mean? I also question why the paper even decided to run something like this, as if it is an honor to be considered just slightly less homophobic.

To mention all their bible-thumping definitions of the LGBTQIA community in this column would be a disgrace, as they allot two full pages of hate in their handbook to bash what they don’t understand. 

While examining their handbook, it’s plain to see that they have “good intentions”, but recognize that their goal is to change and manipulate people to be their straight-laced poster children- literally.

“It is our goal to have this community be a respectful, loving and accepting community that engages with loving and confident respect those who embrace views of sexual identity discordant with ours, and in which those who experience gender identity struggles can grow and flourish. This is not, however, a directionless support; rather, we view growth in godliness to be directed toward alignment or reconciliation with their biological birth sex as God’s creational intent for those individuals.” is just one example of their contrived thought process.

In essence, if you aren’t straight, you need guidance in order to become “right”. However, isn’t the whole point of college is to expand your mind and gain new knowledge for the future in the “real world?” Gay people are out here living without your ignorant guidance, and we are doing just fine.

 Each of their hate-filled bullets are injected with a quote from scripture, citing religion as their main excuse to denounce trans people for who they are and not recognizing preferred pronouns.

Ok, so why would LGBTQIA students choose to go to school here if it was once announced to be “the most LGBTQ-unfriendly college” by the Princeton Review? Simple. Not everyone knows they are gay or trans right from the get-go, and college is the prime time to recognize that. 

It doesn’t make them perverts or suggest that they “became gay” in college, this might be their first chance to express themselves and find their identity. However, in an environment that manifests these hateful ideals, we need to come together to help these students. One outreach comes from the Elmhurst College Queer Straight Alliance, who welcomes newcomers from Wheaton College to their future meetings and events.

I don’t come from a religious background, but I specifically remember the quote “love thy neighbor” being thrown around by the Christian community quite often growing up. I don’t think the quote is “love thy neighbor unless they are gay”.  Unfortunately, the recent events combined with these blasphemous, discriminatory rules created by Wheaton College administration make me question whether or not WC is trying to build a better community or just build a wall around their campus.