EDITORIAL: Better to write a column than a comment

The plethora of jabs and criticisms The Leader has received in response to our latest sports column which commented on the music program, has certainly stirred a conundrum. Scrolling through The Leader’s website and Facebook page, the apparent backlash has been epitomized by the one star ratings and multitudes of sparked commentary, a majority of which have been made by members of the music department. 

Amidst the passionate outcry, we were disappointed to find that not a single letter to the editor had been sent, a platform we have encouraged the student body to utilize and put forth their opinions, especially the ones that they feel strongly about.

If you feel that this platform is not sufficient enough, we encourage you to join us.

Believe it or not, The Leader is very much YOUR student newspaper as much as it is ours. Your tuition dollars go towards each and every publication. As such, take the opportunity to be involved in the informative voice in one way or another. Every Tuesday during protected hour, we open our doors to the myriad of opinions and ideas of the student body in order to function as an informative and influential body.

Each and every member of the student body has an equal opportunity to vote or run for positions in our yearly editorial board elections. In fact, each and every single member of our editorial board is comprised of students who started out as curious staff writers with the intention of making a difference.

Your input as the student body is what keeps the wheels turning and allows us to manifest unsurfaced issues into print. Regardless of the individual opinions generated by members of our opinions section, each and every one of you have an equal opportunity to express your own opinions, whether it be in agreement or disagreement.

We must acknowledge that the nature of our student body always presents itself to be divided in some sort of way and perhaps there is really no way to diffuse this phenomenon. At least not in this time of heightened political and social polarity.

Every single publication of The Leader is comprised of the works of students coming from various backgrounds and majors, thus differences in thought are inevitable. Still, this difference in thought, as we have advocated in the past, is what promotes dialogue and conversation within our very own small community. 

There are far more influential means of putting forth one’s assertions beyond a mere Facebook page, behind the anonymity of the internet, and temporary snapchats that will soon be forgotten with the passage of time. 

In the years to come, we will no longer be college-aged adults within this small community. Soon enough, the world will become much larger and riddled with the complexities of different opinions over decisions and legislation that will reign on various aspects of our livelihood.

The first step to becoming active and influential members is to practice participation, involvement, and taking initiative. As a generation with the lowest voter turnout rates, we need to do better, and that starts with abandoning the misconception that our proliferate Facebook usage will even make a dent of an impact over much larger issues.

The Leader meets in Old Main room 107 every Tuesday during protected hour. No journalism experience is required to join. All are welcome.