Student body elects new SGA president

Syeda Sameeha


In an uncontested race, Alex Schultz has been declared the new president of Student Government Association (SGA) for the 2019-2020 school year.

Schultz, who currently serves as SGA parliamentarian, ran unopposed with with running mate Michael Vaia. Vaia is the current SGA senator for Information Technology.

In an email interview with The Leader, Schultz expressed her plans for the organization.

“My goal is to continue the great work that the previous board did,” she said. “Additionally, I want to provide even more connectivity and inclusion across all areas of campus.”

“I want the campus to know I am here for all students,” added the veteran SGA member. “I plan to uphold transparency and an openness so that everyone can feel supported.”

SGA’s newly elected board is mostly filled with current members of the organization, including Nico Favuzzi as treasurer, Husna Ahmed as secretary, Bridget Byrne as parliamentarian, Sonali Rajput for senator for Alumni Affairs Sonali Rajput, Juweria Ali for senator for Community Service, Marisa Sandoval as senator for Clubs and Organizations, and Hannah Bacon for senator for Student Affairs.

Two SGA newcomers, Olivia Styrczula and Hector Quintero, will represent the student body as senators for Academic Affairs and Diversity and Inclusion.

In an email interview with The Leader,  current SGA president and senior Madiha Ahmed shared advice to her successor, Schultz.

“I always felt SGA lacked a deep sense of closeness because of how large the group was, so I'm looking forward to the board having a stronger group dynamic under Alex's guidance,” said Ahmed. “I know stronger team will yield even better results.”