Faculty vote on college name change

Syeda Sameeha


In a deeply divided vote, 45 percent of Elmhurst College faculty voted in support of changing EC’s name to a university while 42 percent did not support the change.

The results, which were revealed at the February 8 faculty meeting, surveyed full time faculty of EC. 145 faculty out 165 faculty took part in the survey. According to the survey results, about 12 percent of faculty did not participate in the survey along with the 1 percent who abstained from the vote.

The faculty debate over whether to change EC’s name has been ongoing throughout the fall 2018 semester, including at the August 20 faculty retreat and monthly faculty meetings.

At the February 8 meeting, faculty also approved to submit their report about the survey results and opinions of the college name change to the Board of Trustees who are expected to vote on the issue in March.

"Ultimately, the final decision will be made by the Board of Trustees,” said faculty chair Connie Mixon in an email interview with The Leader. “The faculty appreciates the strong dedication to shared governance at Elmhurst College, and the opportunity to provide the Board with our opinions.”