World in Review-2/13/18

Internet Photo   Falcon heavy space shuttle takes off from landing pad 1 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

Internet Photo

Falcon heavy space shuttle takes off from landing pad 1 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

By Syeda Sameeha, News Reporter

SpaceX successfully launches Falcon Heavy space shuttle

SpaceX successfully launched its rocket Falcon Heavy on Tuesday. Falcon Heavy, known as the world’s most powerful operational rocket, is SpaceX’s recent innovation. It’s the heavy lift version of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket. 

As reported by The Verge, it consists of three Falcon 9 cores strapped together and uses a total of 27 engines. According to the company’s website, the rocket was designed on the outset to carry human passengers to space. In this test launch, the cargo in the rocket was a Tesla Roadster, an idea pitched by SpaceX CEO and Tesla billionaire Elon Musk. 

SpaceX aims to transform space technology and allow humans to live on other planets. The successful launch of Falcon Heavy is a game changer for the company and for the space industry. As stated by CNN, companies before would just discard rockets after each mission. But through SpaceX launches, the company has proved it can safely return rocket boosters to Earth after a launch. This means a rocket can be reused for another mission again.

But, what’s more visionary about SpaceX is that it provides the option of space tourism in the future.

“The idea is to democratize space and to lower the cost of getting to as many destinations in our lower system,” said Bill Nye, CEO of Planetary Society and host of Bill Nye Saves the World.

For now Falcon Heavy is set to deliver a telecommunications satellite for Arabsat, a Saudi Arabian firm and deliver payload to the US Air Force as reported by CNN. 

But Musk stresses on the ultimate goal of SpaceX—sending humans to space, particularly to live on Mars.

In his press conference after the launch, Musk said in regards to delivering humans to space, “we need to be way bigger than that[Falcon Heavy].”

What is an egg? 

Panera petitions the FDA more clearly identify preservatives

Panera is petitioning the FDA(Food and Drug Administration) to define what an egg is. With its long history of removing artificial ingredients from its menu, the restaurant is saying that FDA regulations for defining what an egg is is too loose.

As stated by the petition, Panera states that without clearly defining what makes an egg, companies can offer and sell products that contain additives and preservatives as an “egg.” The company wants to define an egg as “a food without additives or  further processing” according to the petition. The exception to this is any pasteurization treatment to eliminate bacteria.

In an interview with Forbes, Director of Wellness and Food Policy Sara Burnett said, “We looked at the competitive set and people are calling things bacon egg and cheese sandwiches, but we looked at the ingredients and saw the eggs that over half these top brands were using have five ingredients or more. And they’re still calling their product an egg.”

With FDA’s clear identification of what an egg is, President of Panera Blaine Hurst said in the petition, “Responsible companies will be transparent about the food items they serve, even if regulation does not require them to do so.”