Art department sees a hopeful future despite the low enrollment numbers

By Victoria Martin, News Editor

Despite low enrollment in the program, the EC art department hopes to continue its expansion over the next few years.

With the recent drop in enrollment over the last few years, the art department at EC has seen a significant drop in their major enrollments.

Art Department Chair Mary Lou Stewart, however, notes that the enrollment of the college is seeing a turn, reaching 2,856 current students attending EC according to U.S. News, and hopes it will spill into the visual arts.

“The past few years, I think the whole college enrollment has gone down. But it has started to turn around and is going back up, so I’m hoping that we’ll see additional art majors in the next several years.”

Stewart also discussed how the department is currently combating the enrollment issue.

“We try to help the students the best we can,” she said in regards to classes not reaching the required 12 students to have a class run.

“We sometimes combine the 300 and 400 level classes to make sure students are getting the classes in that they need. Or if there isn’t an enrollment, sometimes there are independent studies,” Stewart continued.

With this hope for upping enrollment, Stewart sees a future for bettering the art department and what it can offer its students.

“We are working on expanding the amount of equipment the students can use,” she said; giving examples like a 3D printer and a vinyl cutter that all students could use despite their possible concentration. 

Stewart also mentioned that the department is working on “developing an area where students can matte and photograph their work.”

“Adding a spray booth for students who want to spray paint is also a goal of ours,” she added.