New Learning Center expected in January

Cheyenne Roper
News Editor

The new Learning Center is expected to open in the A.C. Buehler Library during J-term after months of construction, renovations, and a delay.

The move will start after the fall semester concludes.

“We will begin our move to the new space in the library after finals week,” said Susan Roach, Director of the Learning Center. “That will give us time to complete the move before the holiday break.”

Some packing efforts have already began.

“Right now, we are packing up the Learning Center in the Frick Center little by little,” said Karina Rivera, Academic Enrichment Coordinator of the Learning Center. “It has been exciting to go over to the library periodically and see our new space and see different things going up, like the walls, carpet, furniture, etc.”

Despite earlier reports that the Learning Center would be moving from the Frick Center to the library this past summer, it did not; however, the transition is now in the near future.

Throughout the construction, which has taken place during the school week during the semester, students have noticed the noise levels.

“It gets pretty loud down here sometimes,” said student library worker Samantha Chan, junior.

In an attempt to alleviate some of the noise to help students study, free ear plugs are available at one of the library reference desks.

Strong smells due to the renovations have also been an issue.

“Recently, they have been painting down here, and some of us have complained about a bit of a smell,” said Chan.

Despite these various complaints, Learning Center faculty are looking forward to the move.

“The area is big, bright, and welcoming, and the fact that it opens onto the main floor of the library makes it all the more inviting,” said Roach. “The new space will allow to reach out and work with more students: a win-win situation for all of us.”