SGA recognizes holistic medicine club

Syeda Sameeha

Pre-Student Osteopathic Medical Student Association (Pre-SOMA) presented their proposal seeking club recognition at SGA’s November 15 meeting.

Safina Usmani, one of the five EC students who presented the proposal, explained that Pre-SOMA aims to offer guidance to premedical students interested in osteopathic medicine.

“Our club wants to do hands on exposure to the field,” said Usmani. “Build real experience for them to see if it's the right path for them because it is the next four years of their life they are committing to, and we want to make sure this is the right path for them.”

Usmani also explained the difference between osteopathic medicine and allopathic medicine or mainstream medicine.

“An allopathic doctor would be like ‘oh you have a cough, here is some medicine’ while an osteopathic doctor has a very holistic approach of treating the spirit, mind, and body,” said Usmani.

SGA treasurer Carlos Cantu questioned how SGA recognition would help the club.

“I want to take on off-campus projects and bigger skill projects,” replied Usmani. “I think recognition would help to open it up other students.”

SGA parliamentarian Alex Schultz also asked whether the focus would be towards off-campus activities or on-campus activities.

Usmani explained that frequent off-campus activities may be difficult since most osteopathic medical schools are far, making travel expensive, so the focus would mainly be on-campus.

“I've talked to other chapters at other schools, and they said you can get a medical student to comply with your club and have students come in and open up discussion channels,” said Usmani.

In the end, SGA recognized the group as an EC club.