Reading Day off the books

Stefania Camaci
Staff Reporter

Photo from visuals

Photo from visuals

In an effort to move graduation one week earlier, EC removed Reading Day from the school’s academic calendar for 2019-2020.

Reading Day is a day that is dedicated for EC students to prepare for finals week and for faculty to complete grading assignments. The removal of Reading Day will be implemented as of fall 2019.

“The AY 2019-20 calendar was approved by Academic Council, endorsed by Student Affairs, and voted on by the faculty at the October 5th meeting,” said professor Catherine Gaze in an email interview.

To many students, EC’s choice may come as a surprise.

This day was typically used as a free day to study, spend time with friends, or sleep in.This will no longer available to them.

However, the loss of Reading Day is meant to be beneficial for students, particularly for those graduating.

Eager students will be able to graduate a week earlier and return home for the holidays.

“I think with our out-of-state population so many students want to take their exams and go home as soon as they can,” said senior Natalia Bedtke. “Extra time is always nice, but students can find that throughout the week.”

Gaze concluded that the weekend before final exams is the time students can use to focus on their finals.