The Big Move part two: Learning Center to move to EC Library

By Kenneth Edison, Editor-in-Chief

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Continuing the movement of offices around campus, the Learning Center will be moving to the A.C. Buehler Library over the summer 2018, according to Dean of Faculty April Edwards.

With the Learning Center starting to expand beyond its current office location in the Frick Center, Edwards feels it is time for it to move to a location that not only can allow it to continue to grow, but also would be more beneficial to the campus community.

“The Learning Center has outgrown the space available in its current location,” Edwards said in an email interview. “Moving it to the library also provides more opportunities for interaction with the CPE, Honors, Library staff, etc.”

It was rumored that a potential position for the new Learning Center would be in the middle of the library’s main floor where the Fish Bowl is currently located.

Edwards said in her email that the exact location has yet to be determined.

“The architects are working to develop several options for [the task force] to review,” Edwards wrote.

Director of the Learning Center Susan Roach, however, stated in an email that the Learning Center would not be replacing the Fish Bowl.

The task force Edwards is referring to consists of members of faculty and administration from multiple areas of expertise across the campus. Edwards is currently leading the task force with Assistant Dean Brian Wilhite.

“A Learning Center task force, consisting of the current learning center staff, library staff, CPE and faculty has been working on this project since early in the fall semester.”

Also on the task force is Director of the A.C. Buhler Library Susan Swords Steffen.

It had been brought to The Leader’s attention that some on the library staff were concerned about the Learning Center moving to the library but none wanted to comment until Steffens came back from a J-term trip.

Steffens was unable to comment on the issue before the start of the spring semester.