Revised proposal to open more lecturer positions passed in second faculty vote

By Victoria Martin, News Editor

Faculty revisited and passed the lecturer proposal to open up more stable jobs for non-tenured professors on Dec. 15 after failing to pass the original proposal.

During the original debate back in November, faculty had issues with the unguaranteed amount of tenured positions available as well as there not being any way to protect the lecturers currently at EC when the proposal was not passed.

With the proposal not passing due to what many called an unfair number of faculty actually in attendance, those at the meeting called for there to be a revote with more in attendance.

Dean of Faculty April Edwards, however, did not want to give out what the new proposal stated, saying in an email interview, “I don’t feel comfortable distributing the proposal because it has not been approved by the board yet.”

While the exact details of the new proposal are not known, Edwards did give some information as to what can be expected if the new proposal does get board approved.

“If new lecturer positions are created, adjunct faculty who meet the qualifications and want to work full-time for Elmhurst College will be eligible to apply for these positions,” Edwards wrote.

Edwards also stated that, if approved, “Departments can now request lecturer positions when that is appropriate to meet their staffing needs.”

When asked about how this could potentially solve issues presented by the adjunct union, Edwards wrote that this proposal had been in the works since June 2017 and had nothing to do with the forming union.

“The purpose of the change is to continue to provide a high-quality education to Elmhurst students by hiring more full-time faculty,” Edwards added.

According to Edwards, if the new proposal is approved it would take effect as early as the Fall 2018 semester.