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Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore is accused by several women of sexual harassment and assault.   Internet Photo

Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore is accused by several women of sexual harassment and assault.  Internet Photo

By Syeda Sameeha, News Reporter

Roy Moore, former District Attorney and the Republican candidate for Senate in Alabama, is facing multiple accusations of sexual misconduct.

These accusations of sexual misconduct come from a series of women, most recently from Beverly Young Nelson, a 56 year old woman who said Moore assaulted her when she was a teenager working at a restaurant called Olde Hickory House as a waitress. In a press conference, which was reported by the New York Times, Nelson held up her high school yearbook that had an inscription allegedly from Moore. The inscription said, “To a sweeter more beautiful girl I could not say ‘Merry Christmas.’ The inscription is signed “Roy Moore, DA, 12/22/77.” 

Another woman, named Leigh Corfman said Moore was sexually inappropriate towards her when she was 14 years old and he was 32, according to the Washington Post.

Corfman’s story sparked a Twitter hashtag called #MeAt14 where women shared pictures of themselves at 14, in an attempt to highlight how young girls are at that age.

In an interview on Fox News’s Sean Hannity’s radio show, Moore denied he ever touched or kissed Corfman and called the story “completely false and misleading.”

Moore is also facing allegations that he dated multiple teenage girls, some as young as 16 years old, in his 30s and 40s. In the Sean Hannity radio program interview, Moore said in regards to whether he dated underage girls, “If I did, I’m not going to dispute these things, but I don’t remember anything like that.” 

On Nov. 14, Hannity demanded Moore “remove any doubt” in regards to the allegations that he dated underage girls within 24 hours. Moore did not meet the deadline set by Hannity, but wrote an open letter to him which said, “I adamantly deny allegations of Leigh Corfman and Beverly Nelson, did not date underage girls, and have taken steps to begin a civil action for defamation.”

As the special election for the United States Senate for Alabama nears on Dec. 12 and the list of women who are coming forth with stories of Moore’s sexual misconduct, there are calls to boycott Moore and for him to drop out of the Senate race.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in a press conference said to reporters, “I believe the women, yes,” and, “I think he should step aside.” 

In a press conference in front of the Alabama Capitol, Moore’s wife Kayla Moore said, “Let me set the record straight. He will not step down.”