Intruder gains entry to Cureton Hall, steals items from resident’s room

An unidentified intruder gained entry to Cureton Hall where he was discovered by a resident whose room he was hiding in.   Photo by Kenneth Edison

An unidentified intruder gained entry to Cureton Hall where he was discovered by a resident whose room he was hiding in.  Photo by Kenneth Edison

By Kenneth Edison, Editor-in-Chief

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An EC student woke up to find a stranger in her Cureton Hall dorm room on Friday Nov. 17, prompting a campus-wide email by Vice President for Student Affairs Phil Riordan.  

“I keep my door unlocked most times but now I won’t, for sure,” said EC Junior Faith Burmania. “There are three points of entry before you get to a bedroom door in Cureton, so you think you should be safe but apparently not. I just feel so violated.” 

Burmania, who was asleep when the intruder entered, says that she woke up and, unaware of her presence, surprised the man in her room. 

“I was taking a nap in my room and my friend was using the Cureton study room, so I thought it was her coming into my room, I thought nothing of it,” she said. “And then the next thing I knew I look down and there’s this guy in my room, and I’m just like, ‘what the hell are you doing in my room?’”

She said the man was startled by her presence and claimed to be looking for napkins before hastily fleeing the room. Shortly after, Burmania told her friend, Calleigh Sheeks, what had just taken place and Sheeks claimed the same man asked her for her keys to access the first floor of Cureton. 

After calling campus security, Burmania then discovered that her debit and credit card had been taken from her wallet and then her accounts began to be drained with suspicious purchases.

“After the police were called, I went to cancel my credit card and my debit card and we found out that within the thirty minutes that he took everything that he was spending all my money,” she said. “He first tried using my debit card at Wal-Mart which is stupid because you need a pin number. So then he was successful in using my credit card and he spent like $600 in merchandise.” 

She claims the thief then went to a nearby Delta-Sonic and attempted to buy gift cards using her debit card. This is when Burmania had finally successfully canceled her cards after being notified with phone calls from her bank.  

According to Riordan’s email, the suspect is described as being a black male, approximately 20 years old, with blond tipped dreads. 

Though the suspect has not yet been caught or identified, Burmania says a fingerprint sample was taken from her doorknob and that she will be looking at line-up photos to possibly identify the culprit.  

As far as how the suspect gained entrance to Cureton Hall, Burmania claims she was told security camera footage is being examined to determine who let the suspect in. 

“I just really want people to be aware of letting people in. They said they’re going to deal with the student, because they can see who let the guy in,” she said. “Not just for me but for everyone living on campus. You can’t let people in who you don’t know.”