Pop culture this week

Alexa Ash


Has James Charles been sister silenced?

If you are an avid Youtube-obsessor, or honestly if you’ve looked at Twitter at all the past week, you’ll know that sister influencer, James Charles, 19, has been dragged by fellow Youtuber Tati Westbrook, 37. This internet feud started after Charles accepted a paid sponsorship from a vitamin brand, Sugar Bear Hair, which is in direct competition to former friend and mentor, Tati’s vitamin brand, Halo Beauty. Amidst all the beauty community drama, Westbrook unloaded some information about Charles’ personal life, insinuating the he is using his power and celebrity status to sexually manipulate men. Whether or not the allegations are true, I don’t know, but I do know that with gossip this juicy, studying for finals is the last thing on my mind.

“Archie” glad she finally had her baby?

On May 6, weighing seven pounds and three ounces, a new royal baby was born. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex welcomed the birth of their son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. Although it seems that Meghan has been watching far too much “Riverdale” in regards to that name, we (meaning all of us Sussex stans) couldn’t be more thrilled for them. I know for everyone it felt as though Meghan Markle had been pregnant for eons, but that is in due to the fact that she was late. Because Archie is seventh in line for the throne, the new parents have decided to raise him as normal and plebe-like as possible. I’m not sure how normal your life can be living on the grounds of one of England’s largest castles, but A for effort, you two.  

The Saint, the Psalm, and Northern Chicago

We’ve got baby fever over here at The Leader (or maybe it’s just me) so let’s keep this baby announcement train a’movin’. On May 9, super couple Kim Kardashian-West and husband Kanye West, hilariously referred to as “Kimye”, welcomed their new son, Psalm. As this is her second child delivered via surrogacy, Kim took to Instagram on Mother’s Day saying that, “Beautiful Mother's Day; with the arrival of our fourth child; We are blessed beyond measure; We have everything we need." Other than the odd choice of name, I’m sure Psalm will be just as adorable as every other Kardashian baby, all 273 of them.