Pop culture this week

J-Rod? A-Lo?

It’s finally happened. Everyone’s family celebrity couple (or maybe just mine) took to Instagram to celebrate the news of their upcoming nuptials. Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez, 43, got down on one knee and proposed to singer and actress, Jennifer “J-Lo” Lopez, 49, on the beach during what seemed to be a very romantic vacation. Posting with a picture of a ring that may or may not cost as much as some of (or most of) our houses, A-Rod wrote that “she said yes ♥️”. Well, duh? But Rodriguez was not to be outshined on this very important day. J-Lo’s own engagement announcement featured a beautiful beach, a gorgeous sunset, a ridiculously large engagement ring, and, of course, A-Rod’s World Series ring. The couple that wears matching colossal diamonds together stays together, right?

Pop-Princess takes on Broadway

Anyone got any plans for November 13 through December 1, 2019? No? Well let me let you in on a little secret: Britney’s Back, B**tch. Coming to Broadway in Chicago this winter in its debut running is none other than the Britney Spears-themed musical comedy, “Once Upon a One More Time” from screenplay writer, Jon Hartmere, and Tony-nominated director, Kristin Hanggi. The absolute bangers by the pop-princess herself will be the backdrop for a Grimm Fairy Tale-inspired story about “letting your hair down, gaining your sea legs, smashing the glass slipper, and claiming your own kingdom,” according to their website. CNN reports that this is a “dream come true” for Britney. Honestly, this is a dream come true for every person who grew up singing “Toxic” in the shower. Anyone wanna carpool? I’ll bring the snacks.

A True Hallmark Drama

Where do us college kids draw the line when it comes to getting and paying for our expensive education? Would you, perhaps, I don’t know, bribe the school with hefty “donations” and then go onto your Youtube channel and tell everyone that all you want out of the college experience is to party and have fun? YouTube vlogger and famous spawn of Aunt Becky from “Full House”, Olivia Jade, 19, seems to have done just that. Amid allegations of her mother, Lori Loughlin’s, 54, cheating scandal with USC admissions, it seems Jade’s life as a beauty and fashion influencer is perpetually over. During the flurry of rumors surrounding the news that Jade has been dropped from collaborations with companies like Tresemme and the Olivia Jade x Sephora collection, Hallmark has decided do void their relationship with longtime partner, actress, and collaborator, Lori Loughlin. Worried about making it into your dream college? Don’t worry, as long as you have rich parents who are willing to commit fraud, you shouldn’t have a problem.