PRESS REWIND: Pop culture from the week - May 1 2018

By Alexa Ash, Press Play Reporter


Kanye goes cray cray once again

Kanye West, or as he calls himself, Yeezus, has once again made headlines for his crazy stunts and borderline chaotic rants with a new episode: he’s a newfound Trump supporter. Being seen wearing his “Make America Great Again” gear and Twitter-vomiting to the world his political standpoints, Yeezy has certainly made a statement. Celebrity gossip magazine, TMZ, has reported that Kanye, in response to a visit he had previously had with POTUS, saying that “the mob can’t make me not love [Trump].” Whether or not this “mob” he is referring to is all of his buddies in hollywood or the “mob” of the country, he is being his true self by going against the predetermined view of celebrities as democrats. Whether or not this change is the beginning of another one of his meltdowns or a true hope for change, I know the world will be watching for the Twitter convos between POTUS and Yeezy with barely contained anticipation. 


Amy Schumer rushed to hospital with kidney issues

Resident funny girl, Amy Schumer is rushed to the hospital on account of a kidney infection. After almost completing her press tour for the highly anticipated and Oprah Winfrey certified movie, ‘I Feel Pretty,’ Schumer has spent the last week in the hospital halting her plans of going overseas for the premiere in London. The newly married, Chris Fischer, has been seen as the doting husband from pictures posted to Schumer’s Instagram. She jokingly refers to him as, “my husband, who’s name is, I want to say, Chris?” upholding her funny girl persona as she recovers. With her health being the main focus right now, maybe the Instagram-verse can get a break from the incessant posts about how well her movie is doing. Feel better soon, Amy! We’re all hoping for a “pretty” fast recovery.