PRESS REWIND: Pop culture from the week - April 17 2018

By Alexa Ash, Press Play Reporter

Tristan Thompson caught stepping out on his baby momma


Tristan Thompson: basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers and 21st century Casanova wannabe. Other than his celebrity status as a basketball player, Thompson entered the vicious, tell-all world of pop culture when verifying his relationship status with everyone’s favorite Kardashian, Khloe. Their “love” went viral when it was released that Kardashian was pregnant from now baby-daddy, Thompson. Now, at the last few weeks of her pregnancy, videos and pictures were released of Thompson, back in October 2017, cheating on his pregnant girlfriend. Now the only thing that is going viral is STD’s he’s probably contracted along the way.  Not only is he caught entering and leaving a hotel with a woman who is not a Kardashian, though she kind of looks like one, but there is a very detailed and uncomfortable video displaying him “getting it on” with not one but two different women in a hookah lounge in Washington D.C. Whether this is the cause of the Plight of Kris Jenner and her need to keep her children relevant, or a truly heartbreaking act of betrayal, hearts are hurting for Khloe Kardashian all around the nation. 

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Mason Ramsey yodels his way into America’s heart


For the last few weeks, the Twitter-verse has been completely obsessed with the Walmart Yodeling Kid, 11-year-old Mason Ramsey from Golconda, Illinois. He posted a video of himself displaying his unique vocal skills as he performed in what seems to be the checkout line at a small-town Walmart in Harrisburg, IL. He sky-rocketed to fame and has even appeared on Ellen Degeneres’ day-time talk show ‘Ellen,’ in addition to making Hank Williams’ song ‘Lovesick Blues,’ the song in which we are first introduced to the talents of young Ramsey, back at the top of the charts. Whether you hate to love him or you love to hate on him, someone in the production of Coachella, one of the biggest music festivals in California, has seen the waves Ramsey is making in the social media sphere and has just released a memo stating that Ramsey will be performing alongside none other than singer/rapper Post Malone. So you’re telling me, some kid from small-town America put on some cowboy boots, found a walmart, just started yodelling, and now is performing with Post “Posty” Malone at coachella? BRB while I go buy some boots and checkout a ‘Yodelling for Dummies’ book from the library. YEE-HAW!