Press Rewind: March 13 2018

Compiled by Alexa Ash, Press Play Reporter


This year’s bachaelor pisses off the world

Another season of ‘The Bachelor’ has ended and another trail of broken hearts have been left behind. This year’s bachelor, Arie Luyendyk Jr., has reached new maximums of making this show that much more repulsive. After choosing his new fiance, Becca Kufrin, at the final rose ceremony, which aired on March 5, Arie then proceeded to dump her just weeks after initially proposing. Now, people break up all the time, what is the big deal about this? Other than being a 36-year-old man who needs a reality TV show to find a wife, Arie’s justification for ending the engagement was in reaction to his fear on missing out on a chance of a life with the other final contestant, Lauren Burnam. Let’s get a round of applause for (not) our friend Arie for now becoming the most hated ‘The Bachelor’ member ever, and wish him and Becca, I mean Lauren, a wonderful life together.



Wade Davis drops knowledge on homophobia in the NFL

Former NFL player, Wade Davis, is making headlines this week as talks of opening an anti-homophobia clinic dominates the media. As an openly gay man, Davis has contacted the NFL in reaction to hearing of the interrogation of prospect, Derrius Guice. In this “mock” interrogation, Guice was asked a series of questions deemed “uncomfortable” to be better prepared for the press. The question, which sparked this long-overdue movement, was if he does or does not “like men.” As a very personal, and non-football related question, there was much criticism from gay rights advocates and, you know, people with a basic understanding of human nature and morals. Davis, as the director of Professional Sports Outreach for the You Can Play Project, has personally offered his services to be a sounding board for gay athletes and provide guidance to both coaches and administrative staff of the NFL to combat homophobia. Congrats to the NFL for finally entering the rest of 2018 progressive America, we’ve been waiting for you.