LEADER REVIEW: Logic shows flashes of greatness once more with new single ‘44 More'

Maryland rapper Logic performs on stage for his Under Pressure Tour.  Internet Photo

Maryland rapper Logic performs on stage for his Under Pressure Tour. Internet Photo

By Kenneth Edison, Editor-in-Chief

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Since his debut, Maryland rapper Logic has always shown a remarkable level of potential that he sometimes struggles to live up to. But songs like his newest release ‘44 More’ prove he is still capable of greatness.  

‘44 More’ basically came out of nowhere with a sudden Instagram post on Thursday Feb. 22 signifying the tracks release at midnight that very same night.

Though Logic’s last full length album “Everybody” received widespread commercial success, it was unquestionably his least inspiring project yet.

The entire album has turned Logic into a bit of a meme as it made him seem like a one trick pony that only has interest in talking about the fact that he is biracial, so many were were wondering if Logic would successfully rebound from the first critical mistep of his career.

And rebound he certainly did.

‘44 More’ highlights the side of Logic that his supporters point to as a sign of his excellence when the more cynical crowd in hip hop label him as corny. It is the side of him that is braggadocious, free from worry and technically solid.

And is Logic corny at times? Sure, and it’s okay to admit that. Even on this track Logic resorts to corny onomatopoeia like imitating his phone ringing over and over again eliciting an eye roll from those of us who just want hear him spitting bars, because when he is, he sounds pretty damn great.

Nonetheless, this track just oozes confidence. Logic drops several quotable bars here about his recent successes both financially and in the music world.

The line towards the track’s conclusion where Logic says, “Sold more albums my first week than Harry Styles and Katy Perry. If that ain't a sign of the times then I don't know what is, man this shit is scary,” stands out as one of his funniest and most memorable in a long time.

It may be too soon to expect a new project from Logic considering his last album only just dropped last year. But if he is set on revisiting any particular sound for his next album or mixtape, it should be one that resembles the style on “44 More.”