PRESS REWIND: Pop culture from the past week - 2/13


By Alexa Ash, Press Play Reporter

Kylie Jenner gives birth to a baby girl

Kylie Jenner released some surprising (not so surprising) news of the birth of her baby girl, after keeping quiet about her pregnancy for nine months. The video of her long journey, posted to YouTube on Feb. 4, had even the biggest Kardashian-haters feeling a little emotion (definitely NOT me). This emotion, however, was dulled over about the exact moment the world found out about the newest edition to the Kardashian/Jenner dynasty would be named, Stormi. Yes, Stormi. Following suit to her other vastly talented sisters, Kylie Jenner’s choice of baby name will be joining the fight against names Reign, North, and Chicago in the race for the most unique (absurd) names. Let’s all travel back to the year 2004 when we thought Gwenyth Paltrow was certifiably insane for naming her daughter Apple. Seems pretty normal at this point. Kardashian fitness guru, Khloe “KoKo” Kardashian will be welcoming  a new baby later this spring. The name? I’ve got my money on Cyclone. 



North and South Korea compete as one in the Winter Olympics

The 2018 Winter Olympics have everyone abuzzin’. Whether it be the anticipation of some more American victories, or the pure anxiety with, questionably coined, “little rocket-man’s” sudden show of togetherness, everyone (me) is sitting at the edge of their seats. The Olympics are a time that, in the name of true competitiveness and sheer skill, the world comes together. Given how the past year has gone, this world needs a little TLC from one end to the other. This Olympic Opening Ceremony was unlike anything seen before between the unity of South and North Korea, the Russian Olympists walking without the Russian flag, and everyone’s favorite annoying song “Gangnam Style” by Korean superstar Psy blasting through the arena. But most importantly, will there be another Tonya Harding-esque drama? Or another Ryan Lochte fake robbery? Or will it be, like, just sports and stuff? Either way, let’s grab our popcorn and ready our USA foam fingers.