WEEKEND PLANS: Things to do till our next issue - September 11, 2018

Christina Matthias
Multimedia Editor

What Is My Birthstone?

Take a peek at your horoscope and then stop by Lizzadro! Whether you love looking to the cosmos for purpose, retweeting astrology memes, or just think jewels are neat, this is the event for you. Gemeologist, Sakina Bharani, will be breaking down what your birthstone means cross culturally, and in terms of traits you may have based on what month you were born in. Edu-tainment at it’s finest, and it’s free for EC students!

September 22, Lizzadro Museum, Regular Museum Admission

The House with a Clock in Its Walls

Pre-Halloween month is in full swing, and one of the few non-horror spooky films of 2018 is being released right on time. “The House with a Clock in Its Walls” boasts Jack Black and Cate Blanchett as leads, telling the tale of an orphan who discovers his magical family line and a clock that has the ability to end the world. Based on the 1973 John Bellairs novel, this movie seems satisfying for creepy yet non-jumpscaring entertainment... Looking at you, “The Nun”.

September 21

Riot Fest

Although headliner Blink-182 recently stepped out of the lineup due to Travis Barker’s health, these highly anticipated three days of rock are still on. Weezer, Run the Jewels, and Taking Back Sunday will be playing in Blink’s place for Riot Fest, along with already announced bands such as The Front Bottoms, Beck, Bleachers, Alkaline Trio, and Blondie to name a few. Spend a weekend screaming and crowd surfing with 40,000 of your closest friends.

September 14-16, Douglas Park, $130+

World Music Festival Chicago

If Riot Fest is a bit out of budget, have no fear! The 20th Annual World Music Festival has already begun and continues for a couple more weeks. Artists from all over the globe will be performing in the Windy City, so even if you don’t recognize many acts you can plan which days to go based on country or genre that is associated with each performer. Plus, music echoing alongside the Cultural Center’s winding stairwells and Tiffany domes is reason enough to go.

September 7-23, Chicago Cultural Center, Free