Leader picks 5: Top 5 Zodiac Signs

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Top 5 Zodiac signs

Christina Matthias, Press Play Reporter

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1.) Virgo: A Virgo’s intellect and way with words never ceases to fascinate, and their consistent manners and pun-infested wit make them even more admirable. “Analytical” and “detail-oriented” tend to be buzzwords for this sign, but many take for granted how captivating it is to witness a Virgo put their exceptional energy and care into creating something.

2.) Scorpio: These guys strangely have a reputation for being dark and mysterious, but all Scorpios I’ve met have had an endearing amount of nerdiness to them. They also possess great dry humor, impeccable tastes for art and literature, and are able to keep their emotions in check way better than the other water element zodiac signs.

3.) Taurus: Taurus voices are velvety and songlike, and in resemblance to Scorpios their instincts for art are brilliant. They enjoy performing acts of kindness for loved ones and strangers alike, have some killer comedic chops up their sleeve, and are one of the best signs in bed. That whole “most sensual zodiac sign” title is not a stereotype.

4.) Libra: I don’t think I’ve met an ugly Libra. Besides all of them being conventionally attractive AND talented in makeup and fashion, they are wonderful friends and listeners. If they can’t fix your problem they will offer any support possible to give, and vow to fight your enemies even though they lack intimidating qualities.

5.) Aries: This sign’s relaxed disposition is confusing when comparing them to the red-lipstick-motorcycle-riding-with-explosions-behind-them Aries pigeonhole. But when you notice their unique drive for what they love, it all makes sense. They’re hard workers and thrive on accomplishing goals, while also providing motivation and encouragement for those around them.