Leader picks 5: Top 5 gems currently on Netflix

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 Top 5 gems currently on Netlfix

By Andrew Cripe, Movie Critic

1.) “Carol” (2015, Directed by Todd Haynes)

One of the best movies of this decade, Carol is about a young woman (Rooney Mara) who falls in love with an older woman (Cate Blanchett). Even though this is set in the 1950s, we can still feel reverberations of oppression and heteronormative strangleholds on our current society, making this an important cinematic statement. 

2.) The Host (2006, Directed by Bong Joon Ho)

A terrific monster movie from South Korea, The Host is about a family’s desperate attempts to stick together during a giant creature’s attack on the city. This film always keeps the viewer engaged, showing them one spectacular set piece after another, with generous doses of humanity thrown in. 

3.) Mulholland Drive (2001, Directed by David Lynch)

A frightening, brilliant film, David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive must be seen to be believed. Frequently hailed by film critics as the best film of the previous decade, it follows a young woman (Naomi Watts) as she descends into the dark side of Hollywood in her quest to become a famous actress. 

4.) A Teacher (2013, Directed by Hannah Fidell)

A disturbing film about a high school teacher’s ill-advised sexual affair with one of her students. Lindsay Burdge gives the performance of a lifetime.

5.) World of Tomorrow (2015, Directed by Don Hertzfeldt)

A breathtaking sixteen-minute long animated film, World of Tomorrow is about little Emily (voiced by Julia Pott) meeting her future self, Emily Prime (Winona Mae). Prime takes little Emily through a brief but spectacular odyssey through life, death, and the future.