COLUMN: How Rihanna slayed the makeup game

By  Alexa Ash , Press Play Reporter

By Alexa Ash, Press Play Reporter

As someone who is ghostly pale, I struggle finding foundation to match me. I feel as though I always grab something too dark, too pink, or too yellow. And guess what: they're all overpriced. Seriously y’all, your makeup is not good enough to be worth $52 and my first born child. Sorry, but it's true.

Anyway, being an avid YouTube fanatic, I am constantly confronted with people complaining about the lack of shades offered by some of the top beauty companies in the industry. Not only does this grind our gears it ventures over into racial discrimination and exclusions.


Rihanna, singer, actress, dancer and our savior, has changed the game for us.

Rihanna, with the help of the newly established FENTY Beauty, created a makeup line geared towards anyone of any color. According to the list provided by FENTY on its website, not only has the collab produced highlighters, lip gloss, translucent powder and every other sort of beauty fabulousness, our girl Rihanna has provided us with foundation in forty different shades! Also, for everyone who is curious, the prices really aren't THAT bad as most products in the collection, according to the FENTY Beauty website, fall between the $20-$40 price range.

Sound the alarms, somebody in the celebrity world grew a brain.

Not only is this a huge step forward for the beauty industry but a huge step forward in the racial-equality battle. This, right here, other than being our “pretty girl swag”, is the kind of release we need not only as a makeup addict community but as a country. #girlsbeingnicetogirls #everywomanofeverycolorisbeautiful. I’m assuming you’ve at least read about these #hashtag movements and common phrases splattered all over the Interwebs. These issues are finally being spoken of and are gaining speed as our voices, both literally and metaphorically, get louder. I strongly believe that anyone,can do and wear what they want when expressing oneself through beauty. With both pride and pure awe, I can easily say that Rihanna has created a space for women of all color to feel inclusive.

But, Rihanna has done so much more than that: she is the epitome of Female Empowerment at this stage in pop culture. This is only one step--although a pretty bad-ass step--in Rihanna’s, and even the beauty community’s, fight for not only women, but  for everyone and anyone who has felt excluded from beauty standards that are impossible to meet. So, whoever may be reading this, can I get a slow clap for Rihanna and FENTY Beauty for a kick-ass collection which sends an even kickier-assier message?