Press Rewind : Pop culture from the week

By Alexa Ash, Press Play Reporter


Prince Harry gets an American fiancée

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“God save the Princess from America!” Wait, will she be a princess? After news of American actress, Meghan Markle’s engagement to the drool-worthy Prince Harry, both the kingdom and the colonies have voiced their excitement on the upcoming nuptials. Amidst all the talks of crumpets and wedding dresses, a valid point was made: she’s American, not British, so, like, can she receive an English royal title? Gaining citizenship to the mainland will take five years and from what it looks like, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle aren’t too fond of waiting. At this point, it is all in the hands of Queen Elizabeth II. If she were to change the rules for her new American granddaughter, Meghan Markle will be the first non-brit to receive a royal title.The date is set for May 26, or what we American rebels refer to as Memorial Day weekend, and needless to say, it’s going to be brilliant. For all those out there who are absolutely gutted by the news of losing the chance of being a royal (me), I heard that Prince Sébastien of Luxembourg is single. 

Matt Lauer gets busted for sexual harassment


Move over Harvey Weinstein there’s another new creep on the prowl and it’s none other than NBC’s “Today” show host, Matt Lauer. Three women have been identified in coming forward to officials at NBC but rumors have sprouted saying that there could be as many as eight. After being fired from NBC on Wednesday, Nov. 29, stories of Matt Lauer’s Mr. Grey-like behavior has flooded the internet grossing out everyone from east to west. There have been allegations for years, specifically during the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, that are only surfacing now. If a bag of sex toys and a hidden button under his desk with the ability to lock his door wasn’t enough of a hint to his predator ways, he has even been noted to leer at his coworker Meredith Vieira. Someone get this man a leash, a collar, a muzzle - anything to stop his dog-like ways. Then again, he probably already has his own.