Press Rewind : Pop culture from the week

By Alexa Ash, Press Play Reporter

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Kathy Griffin declares war on the industry

Kathy Griffin is back for round (idk … I’ve lost count) in her fight against Hollywood and pretty much everyone within it. Only this time, there is not a Trump head in sight. 

In her updated YouTube video, Griffin is seen looking very calm, collected, and only slightly desperate as she moves on to her next victims: BravoTV producer and host Andy Cohen and famous celebrity gossip site, TMZ, and the man in charge, Harvey Levin. 

Griffin not only publicly accuses Andy Cohen of offering her cocaine before one of their many interviews on his show “Watch What Happens Live,”  but she also played a voicemail she had received from Harvey Levin which included his personal phone number. Will this be the end to the Kathy Griffin “feel bad for me” crusade? Grab some popcorn and stay tuned.


Selena Gomez and Justine Bieber reignite past romance

As hollywood virtually implodes with sexual harassment scandals and as our country may be on the brink of nuclear war, we all must come together and really focus on things that matter: so, like, are Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez back together, or what? 

After the quiet breakup between Selena and her former Starboy, the Weeknd, it seems she is on the market and the only thing she’s after is the Instagram selfie king himself, Justin Bieber. The former lovebirds have been seen hanging out all around Hollywood -- and all those other nauseatingly rich areas -- as “just friends.” 

Yeah, OK -- we see you, Biebs and Sel. Have they finally rekindled that puppy-love romance? Or was the Biebs’ trend of diaper-pants and orange jumpsuits too much to be forgiven? For all of us romantics out there, let’s hope it isn’t too late now to say sorry.