Apple releases its two newest models including the long awaited iPhone X

By Lauren Vana, Staff Writer

Internet photo   The iPhone X was released on Sept. 22nd.

Internet photo

The iPhone X was released on Sept. 22nd.

Apple recently released its newest iPhone, the iPhone 8, on Sept. 22, followed by the iPhone X, which was released Nov. 3, promising many new additions to the Apple products.  

The new iPhone 8, listed at $699 for the 4.7-inch display and $799 for the 5.5-inch, has several new changes from the previous model.

According to the Apple website, the phone is made up of “the most durable glass ever in a smartphone, front and back,” making it the first water and dust resistant model.

One of the biggest changes for users will be the wireless charging. Rather than plugging it into an outlet, users simply place the iPhone on a mat that charges the phone through the glass.

Apple also boasts of the improved display on the iPhone 8. “Dual-domain pixels give you a great view of the screen from almost any angle.”  

Internet photo   The iPhone 8 was released on Nov. 3, marking the tenth anniversary of the iPhone.

Internet photo

The iPhone 8 was released on Nov. 3, marking the tenth anniversary of the iPhone.

In addition, the True Tone technology “adjusts white balance to match the lighting around you” and gives the “best color accuracy in the industry.”

Potential buyers may also care to note the camera improvements, including the optical zoom, larger digital zoom, and improved portrait mode.

Apple has also improved the chip, allowing for better battery efficiency and faster processing.

The iPhone X, priced at $999, has few improvements that differ it from the iPhone 8.

One main difference is the phone is completely screen, and lacks the iconic home button found on all previous models.  Instead, users will swipe up to get back to the home screen.

Apple has also included facial recognition to unlock the phone and to utilize Apple Pay.  The technology can adapt to user’s physical changes over time.

The camera includes “studio quality lighting effects” as well as a selfie portrait mode.  

Animoji is a new feature in which a camera mimics users’ facial expressions using an animal emoji or the poop emoji.

Though the new iPhones feature many improvements, not everyone seems to be so excited about them.

Holly Bachman, EC senior, has owned iPhones since she got the iPhone 4 model in high school and recently got the iPhone 8 when her old phone shattered. 

“I don’t dislike anything it just doesn’t have many new features,” she said.

EC sophomore, Alex Kaufman, got the iPhone 7 back in April when he switched from a Samsung Galaxy S6.

“I honestly would not upgrade to the iPhone 8 or X because I think the price is astronomical and wireless charging is idiotic to me,” he said.

Bachman had the same point on the pricing, saying she didn’t see herself upgrading to the iPhone X anytime soon.

“I will not get iPhone X unless it decreases to the normal iPhone price,” she said.

Julia Schwarzinger, EC sophomore, recently purchased the iPhone X, though she won’t receive it until December.  She currently has an iPhone 6s, and the iPhone X will be her third iPhone.

“I wanted the iPhone X because I needed a new phone and it seemed cool. I like how good the camera quality is,” she said.

As far as the money, Schwarzinger added, “the price was a little scary.”