Top 5 songs to jazz up your Halloween playlist

internet photo

internet photo

By Christina Matthias, Press Play Reporter

1. It's Almost Halloween - Panic! At The Disco

This song, unfortunately, was only released as a YouTube music video, but it’s a funky tune to play at costume parties, especially where you’re around a crush. Brendon Urie’s soulful voice in the chorus and “trick-or-treat” being used as innuendo makes the night so lively, the dead will turn undead.

2. Heads Will Roll - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Who knew references to the Queen of Hearts from “Alice in Wonderland” could be so scary? The indie rock sound with lyrics telling listeners to “dance till they’re dead” generates a chilling yet amusing enhancement to anyone’s Halloween playlist.

3. Get Ghost - Mark Ronson, Passion Pit, A$AP Rocky

 The sample of the “Ghostbusters’” theme with an inventive new take has served as an animated Halloween anthem since the reboot movie soundtrack released in 2015. The mix of Passion Pit’s and A$AP’s opposing genres builds intriguing dynamics playing off of one another.

4. My House - Pvris

White Noise was Pvris’ debut album from 2014, and fans were immediately attached to themes of aspirations and the paranormal woven into the lyrics. This song in particular is an upbeat enough selection from the band’s tracklist for a spooky affair, yet still features a tale of being haunted, either by someone or something of the past.

5. Bloody Mary - Lady Gaga

An introduction of echos and sharp harp-playing creates the perfect creepy ambience in the midst of a techno beat, proving an excellent choice for dancing on the 31st. Gaga has the reputation of turning heads, and her music is effective in serving the need for unpredictability.