Within and Without / Do not give up on US

Throughout this rough — and I mean rough — election cycle, some of the worst things hiding within America’s gilded borders have become known in a very loud and public manner. Things like racism, xenophobia, homophobia, sexism, white supremacy and corruption, all formerly hiding under the veneer of patriotism and business-as-usual government happenings.

It is enough to turn even the most dedicated idealist cynical. It is enough to convince us that the system is broken beyond repair. It is enough to make us want to not only give up on ourselves, but on each other as well.

But we must not let it.

We cannot let fear and exhaustion curb our desire to make a better world for our- selves and our children. And as tempting as it is to want to disconnect and disengage from it all, we cannot allow that to happen. Just as we cannot allow ourselves to turn away from one another, to isolate ourselves from each other because of fear or difference.

In this time, more than ever, we need to fix what is broken. Divisions of race and class that appear to have been created and highlighted during this election have always been there.

Now these racist sentiments have just been given a voice and a face through multiple police shootings of young black men; through Donald Trump and the Right, who have simultaneously exposed and given a voice to previously out-of-sight racist sects and the pervasive corruption flowing through the veins of our political system.

This is, however, no justification to become complacent. Racism and corruption have always been present, it has just recently been exposed and given a platform, for better or worse. If anything, it gives us more reason to come together and fix the racism and corruption that runs rampant in our system.

As millennials, we have a tendency to lean towards passion- ate idealism or dejected cynicism, and more and more we are choosing cynicism because we are understandably over- whelmed by how much there is that needs fixing.

But we have the technology to stay informed. We have seen all that is wrong with the system, and we cannot allow our- selves to stand by and let it stay broken. We cannot hide from our problems like the generations before us. We do not have the privilege of ignorance, nor should we want it.

Millennials, our generation has the power to come together and change things, and the time for that change is now.