Welcome to My House

Elmhurst has six on campus residence halls. These include: Stanger, Schick, Cureton, West, Niebuhr, and Dinkmeyer. Though they’re all considered to be livable, returning students know some are better than others.

There are opportunities to change which Residence Hall you are assigned throughout the year by applying for a room switch with Res Life. So let’s rank the campus dorms to get a better picture of which ones you want to be in and which ones you might want to avoid.

#6 Niebuhr Hall

Named after two EC alumni: H. Richard Niebuhr and Reinhold Niebuhr, Niebuhr is the only freshman dorm on campus and it’s not necessarily known for the comfortable living conditions.

The rooms are on the smaller side and unfortunately there is no air conditioning in Niebur hall. Therefore this will be one of the those dorms where you’re left opening your window and hoping for the best in the summer months.

It’s not all doom and gloom in the Niebuhrhood, though. The good thing about an all freshman dorm is that you’re surrounded by 120 of your peers. Everyone in Niebur is going through similar things, many take similar classes, and they’re all just trying to figure this college thing out together.

#5 Schick Hall

Schick is Elmhurst’s largest dorm-housing over 200 undergraduate students. It also happens to be Elmhurst’s oldest dorm building and is named after EC’s fifth president, Herman J. Schick.

Unfortunately, Schick also lacks air conditioning, which can make the summer months a living hell. Res Life rules also prohibit students from putting AC window units in their rooms, so you’re left with no choice but to sweat it out.

One of Schick’s upsides, however, is that it does provide single rooms for those looking to have space all to themselves. Schick is also conveniently positioned on campus being right next to Frick Center, which can definitely have its advantages. Living in Schick is a definite plus for those who often find themselves making that last minute Roost run five minutes before it closes.

#4 Dinkmeyer Hall

Dinkmeyer was named after Henry W. Dinkmeyer, the eighth president of the college. One of the smaller dorms on campus, Dinkmeyer offers suites or single rooms to just a little over 100 students. ‘Dink’ has one of the larger lounge spaces on campus which is nice for group events or just chilling out. Another nice little distraction Dink has is the half basketball court behind it.

The downside to Dink is the downside to many of the dorms on this list, it doesn’t have air conditioning. Built in 1956, Dinkmeyer is an older building which is not exactly on the cutting edge of renovations. Dink is also kind of secluded and is really only close to the chapel, which can be really annoying when the chapel bell is ringing non-stop.

#3 Cureton Hall

Cureton is one of Elmhurst’s newest and nicest halls on campus having just opened just 17 years ago. Cureton has nice lounges on every floor with private study rooms on the second floor. There is also the wide open vista lounge on the third floor that directly overlooks the football field.

What keeps Cureton from topping this list are some of the concerns brought up by past residents. Junior Daniel Triplett explained, “The rooms are very small (especially for two people) and the showers were pretty crappy. It’s also annoying having to unlock a ton of doors just to get to your wing provided you’re not on the first floor.”

The latter point is especially annoying. In some dorms, it is actually possible to get to your room without even having your keys- provided you still have your swipe card. No chance of that in Cureton: every other hall has a locked door that requires you to have your hall keys on you at all times.

#2 Stanger Hall

Tucked away in the southwest corner of Elmhurst’s campus, Stanger Hall is one of the Res Halls that has something for just about anybody. It houses over 150 students and has been around since the late 1960’s.

Stanger offers a variety of rooms from singles, to doubles, and even quadruples. Many students looking to get a room with three of their friends will end up in one of Stangers quads, which provides a lot of space for each resident.

Perhaps it is because of it’s layout or because of the shared lounges, Stanger has the feel of one of the more lively dorms on campus. Stanger’s big lounges are in the middle of each floor so there are usually several people from every part of each floor in the lounges most of the time.

#1 West Hall

West is the gated community of EC Res Halls. West Hall is hands down the nicest dorm to live in at Elmhurst College for a number of reasons, the first of which being the rooms.

The rooms in West Hall are either doubles or singles suites that are connected to another room via a shared lounge in the middle. Similar to Cureton, West’s rooms have adjustable heat and air conditioning, though the rooms in West are larger.

Probably the only downside to West is that you have to at least be a Junior to live there. The only exception to that rule is if you elect to be a part of the Green Living community, a special section designated for students trying to use less resources, recycle, and live sustainably.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to beat the huge rush of students that immediately apply to live there, you should definitely enjoy your time in West.