Victor Ogbebor talks football & track

victor Sophomore Victor Ogbebor wants to take his game to the next level—to be the best athlete in team competition and to be the best person in the game of life. Ogbebor is a dual-sport athlete at Elmhurst College. He currently plays cornerback on the football team and runs on the track team. The Leader sat down with Ogbebor to discuss his views on how he is striving to be the best athlete and the best person that he can possibly be on and off the field. “I like being the best and I just like winning,” Ogbebor said in the interview. Ogbebbor constantly is striving to perform at his highest level and wants to prove that he can be the best. Ogbebor believes that hard work and dedication is the key to success, so he trains hard on a daily basis. “Even Kobe Bryant works hard,” Ogbebor said. Building strong relationships with his teammates is another key to success on the field, according to the player. Ogbebor is motivated by the hard work that his teammates put into training, and in return they are motivated by his work. “I am not a vocal person, they see how hard I work. I focus on what I need to do and if I need to get on them, I will!” Ogbebor said. Ogbebor said he was drawn to the many different aspects of the Elmhurst College community. “I have met a lot of good people at Elmhurst and have felt the ‘family atmosphere’ in the community. There are a lot of good people at Elmhurst… it’s awesome,” explained Ogbebor. According to Ogbebor, he has had many “[great] moments” as a student athlete at Elmhurst. His favorite moment happened last year at his first track meet. In his first 60-meter race, he broke the school record. Since that day, he has been consistently breaking school records. In fact, in the conference meet, he almost broke the record again. Goals are a part of Ogbebor’s life on and off the field. “My goal is to keep progressing as a person and as an athlete and to achieve my personal best in everything,” he said in an interview. “I also want to help everyone else to be the best around me. I want to go to the next level—as a person and as an athlete.” Next time you’re at a track meet, a football game, or in the Frick Center, don’t forget to look up and see Victor Ogbebor reaching for that next level!