Two indecent exposure incidents occur on Elmhurst College campus a month apart

The Elmhurst Police Department and Elmhurst College campus security are investigating two possibly related indecent exposure incidents that occurred on campus about a month apart.

In both instances, the victim thwarted the offender’s demands for sex, according to police.

The first incident occurred around 1 a.m. on Aug. 9 when a suspect unknown to the victim knocked on the door of a campus apartment claiming to return money the victim allegedly dropped, according to a campus-wide crime alert.

He was described as a “white male, approximately 16-18 years of age, 5’6” – 5’8” tall, [with a] thin build [and] full/ bushy blonde hair” in police reports.

The suspect left and later returned, this time demanding sex from the victim. He attempted to keep the victim from closing the door, but was unsuccessful.

The second incident occurred around 3:20 a.m. on Sept. 3 in the Schaible Science Center parking lot.

This time, a suspect described as a “white male, approximately 18-19 years of age, 5’5” tall, [and of] medium build with blonde hair” approached the victim and demanded sex while exposing himself, according to a second crime alert.

The incidents are rare occurrences for the Elmhurst College campus, according to Jeff Kedrowski, executive director of security and emergency management at EC.

“Elmhurst College and the surrounding community are generally very safe areas … It is a pretty unusual thing for us to see these crimes taking place on this campus,” he said.

Because the two incidents are similar in nature and the description of the suspect in each incident is similar, Kedrowski said it is “reasonable to assume the events are related” and were carried out by the same offender.

However, campus security and Elmhurst PD are investigating the two as separate incidents until further evidence suggests they might be connected “in case there is someone out there who could be the second [offender],” according to Bob Tannehill, deputy chief of police at the Elmhurst Police Department.

As of Sept. 9, no arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing.