Teamwork results in women's lacrosse win

Photo by Mia Harman - Phoebe LeRoy, an offensive midfielder, gets ready to score a goal against the Cougars. On Mar. 2, the Elmhurst College women’s lacrosse team won out against the Concordia Cougars in a 15-2 game, opening the season with a big win.After the long break since April 2015, the Lady Bluejays scored big with two goals in just over two minutes, making quick plays and scoring high. Midfielder and Sophomore Meghan Keyes explained one of the many goals resulting in EC Junior Krystyna Kotlinski’s first goal of the season. “It was a great catch by Krystyna and a beautiful goal by her. I was really excited to help her out,” she said in an email interview. “We always work on cutting through the eight-meter, asking for the ball, and creating those opportunities to go to goal. So seeing all of our hard work from practice pay off was really exciting.” Keyes also scored four goals total in the game, in addition to two assists with Kotlinski and EC Senior, Natalie Tylka. Tylka, an attack, scored a hat trick (three goals) in the game and brought the team two more assists, bringing the teamwork that only comes with heavy practice. “We do have plays planned out during games but a lot of the times, depending on how good the opposing teams defense is, it is more of getting open or cutting through to get the pass and shoot it in the goal,” she said during an interview. Additional Lady Bluejays who scored goals for the team include Ellen Brown, Phoebe LeRoy, and Jolynn Alvarez, finishing off the game with a solid win and hope for the coming season. “I think as the season goes on, our efficiency as a team is only going to improve,” Keyes said. “Being a second year team, we’re going to have some tough competition but I think our team chemistry is going to help us succeed against those tougher teams … We were underestimated last year and I think we’re going to be underestimated again this year so all those other teams better watch out.” Tylka expressed similar enthusiasm for the new women’s lacrosse team. “I have no doubt that even though this is our second season at Elmhurst College, we have grown to be a strong team and will work super hard together to be the best that we can be,” she said. “Last year’s season, as a first year lacrosse program, definitely proves that.”