SGA holds off on parking issue decision

Solutions for the parking situation at EC were devised at the Student Government Association (SGA) meeting on Nov. 3.

President of SGA Esther Pereira opened the floor to the representatives to bring attention to any issues they have noticed on campus.

Parking was the issue that took up a majority of the discussion, as it seemed the most prominent issue at hand.

Many ideas to resolve the issue were mentioned during the meeting.

“This seems like the issue that if we [SGA] don’t plan to solve it is only going to get worse as time goes on. If it is a problem now, and they [EC] want more students to come to the school, the problem is only going to continue to get worse,” SGA Representative Lauren Downer said during the meeting.

While parking is not something SGA can fix directly, Pereira pointed out there are ways in which they can get the ball rolling to let people know the importance of the issue.

One solution was to make more relations off campus that could result in more parking for students, even though a walk may be necessary.

Another idea was to make dorm life more attractive to commuter students. This was dismissed due to the costs of living on campus and it possibly not being affordable for the commuter student.

Next, there was the idea of using the parking EC already has and creating designated parking based on year or creating designations for commuter students and residential students.

The problem that arose with this idea was that it would just exacerbate the issue of finding parking, because it would take an already full campus and try to squeeze the population into a smaller area.

Finally, there was the idea to start fundraising for a parking garage.

SGA did not vote on a solution for the parking, but it will continue to be discussed in future meetings.

In other business, representative Christian Canizal brought up the idea to install new facilities and workout equipment for students to use instead of buying gym memberships to avoid using EC’s equipment.

Canizal also mentioned the need for better living arrangements and responses to issues with dorm living to the parking issues students have had over the course of the semester.