SGA approves club for study of witchcraft

SGA representatives listen and respond to the concerns of about the proposed Witchcraft club at the SGA meeting in the Bloom Board Room on Thursday, Dec. 1 (Photo by Stefan Carlson)

A group dedicated to witchcraft was recognized at the Student Government Association [SGA] meeting on Dec. 1.

Investigation of Modern and Past Witchcraft and other Pseudo-Sciences [IMP] is a group of students dedicated to furthering their own knowledge as well as others on the world surrounding different pagan practices, their history and place in the modern world.

“We want to make Elmhurst College a more inclusive environment for those who don’t identify with [the UCC]. [IMP] is a learning place for those who want to learn and broaden their knowledge beyond the bad name given [to witchcraft and other practices] by movies and television,” said EC sophomore Rex Wessel during a presentation to SGA.

After Wessel’s presentation, the discussion was then opened to the members of SGA to give their opinions on IMP becoming a recognized organization.

Many were supportive and thought this group was a way to further include EC’s diversifying student body.

“I think this is a really cool idea. I’m interested. It informs people of things that they aren’t necessarily knowledgeable about,” SGA member Maria Anguiano said.

However, one SGA member was not open to the idea of allowing such a group to meet on campus.

“I’m not interested in this whatsoever because of my Christian beliefs. I agree that this will fill in the gap and make the campus more inclusive, but this is a school affiliated with the UCC. I think it is important to stick to the core beliefs of the school,” SGA member Shawndell Young said.

This sparked a conversation that went over the allotted discussion time between Young and other members of SGA on what EC and the UCC stand for.

“The whole point of the UCC is we are inclusive to everyone of all different beliefs,” Janisa Hicks said. “Just because they are ‘different’ to you, Shawndell, does not mean they should not have that platform to be a group and come together and be recognized as a group.”

Cutting the discussion short to leave time for other business matters that needed to be attended to, President of SGA Esther Pereira called for a vote on the recognition of IMP.

IMP won recognition with a majority vote with only one member, Young, voting against the group.