Pop culture dominates 2016 costume trends

Themes for 2016’s top costumes range from political to pop culture. (Illustration by Michael Horwath)

Halloween is right around the corner, and many people are looking for the perfect Halloween costume. Well, look no further, The Leader has put together a guide to help navigate this year’s costume trends.

This year, millennials are seeking outfits that make them look beautiful, handsome or sexy as opposed to years past where scary costumes were more popular. This comes as no surprise, since it’s millennials who will be snapping and posting the most to social media. This generation expresses a desire to be different than others and maintain their individuality and Halloween is perfect because it offers so many different ways to be creative.

If you’re unsure or just not feeling too creative, not to worry because there are plenty of trends and pop culture moments in 2016 that might give you some inspiration. A look at the top trending costumes on Pinterest reveals that the most popular costume for 2016 is Harley Quinn. Batman follows shortly after, along with other Marvel or DC inspired superheroes and antiheroes.

Glam makeup looks are also trending as a bit of a step away from the usual scary gore. For example, some people are going as their favorite Snapchat filter.

It would not be an election year without some politically themed costumes. Donald Trump was a big seller in 2015, and this year Hillary Clinton will of course be joining him. However, some people are opting to ditch the two big party candidates and are going as undecided voter Ken Bone. There’s even a Ken Bone look for women, “The Sexy Undecided Voter.”

Possibly less popular, but equally humorous, were the many moments captured of Bill Clinton loving balloons at the Democratic National Convention. Finding a way to recreate that scene could make you stand out among the Clintons and Trumps in the room.

Lastly, many people will be finding inspiration from their favorite TV shows. There will certainly be numerous people going as characters from Netflix’s original series “Stranger Things,” and “Star Wars” trick- or-treaters will be out in full force.

However, if putting together a costume with a pop culture reference is not your style, you can never go wrong with the classics like the traditional witch, pumpkin, ghost and black cat costumes.