New twists on classic childhood games

Internet PhotoYour party has hit its lull. Everyone’s Beer Pong elbow is getting sore, your Pandora radio station has drifted off into the land of weird indie dance music, and you’re pretty sure someone puked on your favorite rug. Don’t worry, The Leader has the solution — new drinking games!Nothing will bring your guests together like their favorite activities mixed with booze as an afterthought. But before you pick drinking games at random from a shitty college blogger’s page, check out our review of some drinking games. If you pick the right ones, you could have the best St. Patrick’s Day bash imaginable, just don’t mention our name when security shows up to crash your rager.

Get Tanked (Go Fish for College Kids)

If you don’t know the rules of Go Fish, you need a time machine, not a newspaper, to experience a true childhood. But if you want to make it rated 21+, you need to create books, not pairs. That means you match all 4 of each number or face card before placing it in front of you. When you get a book, your opponents all drink. Every time. And don’t forget to replace the childish “Go Fish” phrase with the far more adult “GET TANKED!” This is the most enjoyable version of Go Fish I can possibly imagine, but it isn’t party worthy. By my third turn, I was tired of chugging due to the luck of my friends. I wanted something that required more skill, something that set this night apart.

(Aim for the) Garbage

Garbage is a card game, with rules far too complex for me to fully explain. But the basic premise of the game is that each player has ten facedown cards in front of them, with each one representing a number one through ten. Each turn begins with drawing a card and placing it in the space that corresponds with the number, then picking up the face down card and hoping it isn’t “garbage”. Any face card that isn’t King is simply a piece of trash, so you discard it and end your turn. In true patriarchal fashion, the King card can go wherever it wants, and can even be reused when a number card replaces it. The drinking comes in when the round ends, or when a player has filled their ten spaces. The winner chooses one loser to take a drink, and the next round begins. This time, the previous winner only has nine spaces to fill. This continues until one of the drunken idiots has only one spot to fill, and successfully places the Ace or King in that location. To be honest, I can’t review this game in its entirety. I tried it with just one other person, and the results might cause permanent damage to my liver. It’s a fun card game in and of itself, but if you’re perpetually drawing shitty cards (like I always do), then you’ll end up aiming for the garbage.

A Game that Gets You Drunk, Starting with an “S” (Scattergories)

If you own this classic childhood party board game, in which competitors quickly fill out a list of items beginning with a randomly selected letter while attempting to maintain originality, then you need to pair it with your favorite wine or hard liquor. I suggest wine because, honestly, it will have you drinking every couple minutes. After each round, when the timer sounds, players go around and read their answers to each question. If two or more people have the same answer, everyone who wrote that answer does not get a point. If the majority of the competitors vote the answer is not directly related to the topic provided, no point is granted. And, obviously, blank spaces don’t give you a point (just a ton of money, if you’re T.Swift). In this dangerously exciting version, you drink for every question that you don’t receive a point for. After one three round game, I had drank twelve times, and I consider myself a well-rounded Scattergories competitor. Granted, I had just played Get Tanked and (Aim for the) Garbage, so I wasn’t in the most academic state of mind. However, that’s what makes this game stand out from the rest. It truly takes wits to answer the questions in a way that secures points.

Drunk on Politics This is a pretty classic example of a party game, but it’s particularly pertinent with the upcoming elections. If you want your next kicback to be both informative and intoxicating, this is the game for you. Below I’ve provided a list to get you started, with the front running candidates in each party being represented. If nothing is on TV that you can watch live, stream a video online and get to throwing back those beers! Donald Trump: Drink if he... • Mentions “borders” • Talks about his company/his money • Says any variation of “Make America Great Again” • Makes that face he makes when he’s angry • Personally attacks another candidate

Hilary Clinton: Drink if she... • Creates a numbered list • References her “emails” • Is asked about Benghazi • References husband Bill’s presidency •Restates Sanders’ thoughts and slightly changes it to be more moderate • ex: $12 minimum wage instead of $15 These are just a start, so get to watching! Learn about the future of your country, and destroy the minds of future American leaders (AKA your own). Just be safe, you might be important enough to have people take shots in honor of your quirks too.

Keep Drinking and Everybody Explodes

With the right equipment and the proper crowd, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (KTANE) is my favorite drinking game. It’s technically a computer game, available through the Steam network, that requires teams (of at least 2) to complete a series of puzzles needed to diffuse a bomb. The catch? Only one person can see the bomb, and everyone else has the manual describing how to save the day. In its ideal form, this game should be played using multiple computers that have the software, with pairs competing against one another. A little friendly competition never hurt anybody. The game itself pushes people to communicate directly, express concerns, and adapt to other’s learning styles. But when you’re drunk, it’s like someone gave James Bond a few too many martinis and hoped for the best. In other words, it’s hilarious. You drink for every module you successfully complete, but the end goal is to complete all the modules in the fastest time. It’s a tough spot to be in, with your competitive spirit torn between coherence and quickness. By the end of the night, my KTANE partner and I could barely work through modules we’ve nearly memorized. And yet it was the most fun we’ve had since the first few days after purchasing the game, when the newness of the beeping explosive was enough to keep us up for hours mastering each module. Even if you’re not a drinker (Why have you read this far?), I highly recommend KTANE for anyone looking to bring people together.

Be Creative and Make Up Your Own Game

Well, there you have it — some drinking games to try out next time you reach the plateau of party excitement. Clearly, not all drinking games are created equal, and some are more boring than life bringing, but they’re all a blast to try with the right crowd. And if you have any ideas, always feel free to share your invention that will change the drinking game market. Just be sure to drink responsibly. And, hey, if you can’t diffuse a bomb with someone while getting plastered, they’re probably not the kind of person you want around in the case of an emergency anyway.