Naked and unafraid

What has the world come to? Trump and Clinton winning Illinois; Turkey getting bombed; Kim Kardashian posting nudes on Twitter. Oh wait, that last one has happened before.

Yes, Kim Kardashian has once again posted pictures in her birthday suit for the public to see. It started as a tweet of her naked in the bathroom in another “Break the Internet”- esque way, and turned into a debate about portrayal of women’s bodies and role models for women. So now Bette Midler, Piers Morgan, and Pink (this last one really surprised me) are weighing in on the “issue” and taking shots at Kanye West’s supposed financial difficulties as well as bringing up the issue of what this picture says about women.

I don’t agree with Midler and company. It’s unnecessary for these other women (and Piers Morgan) to give a shit about what Kardashian posts on Twitter.

It’s her body, her feed, and her image that is being put to the test here. If someone has the courage to willingly endure the slew of weird and hurtful comments associated with posting their body online, then good for them. I commend their bravery.

Kardashian should be able to post whatever the hell she wants on her Twitter, it’s her page.

The main issue with this is that those who opposed the pictures argued about how society is already viewing women in a bad light. Well, let’s remember one of the reasons why Kim Kardashian is famous. If you’re arguing that someone is setting a bad example for women in society, I wouldn’t look at the woman who is known for a sex tape…

Another important aspect of this is the “who”. Who is opposing this? Who is supporting? Midler, Morgan, and Pink, all individuals over the age of 30. And the supporters? All under 30 such as Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Bella Thorne and a few others.

This is societally relevant, but especially revealing of generational differences. This generation (the 30 and unders) are overall more progressive than the generation before, and it presents itself in many ways. Interestingly enough, Kardashian herself is over 30.

As I’ve stated in previous columns, this is the direction the world is turning and everyone just needs to keep up. Kardashian is one of the few ahead of the curve.

Kardashian should be able to post whatever the hell she wants on her Twitter, it’s her page. She has the courage to present herself in this way and we should commend that. Society is slowly, but surely, shifting its thinking and coming to terms with the idea that the human body is a beautiful thing. Or, at the very least, that people should ignore the harmless behavior of others.

So if society starts criticizing someone because they post a picture of their body online, it just sets us back. We’ve come so far, let’s just move forward a bit more. Acceptance isn’t that far off, and a single internet photo shouldn’t be what stands in our way.