Letter to the editor: a clarification on parking

Dear Editor:

In the Orientation Issue, Faiza Ikram’s article entitled “Making Your EC Experience More Bearable” encourages students to park in visitor spaces on campus, or use spaces at the Elmhurst Public Library, both of which expose students to tickets and associated fines, either from Elmhurst College Campus Security or the Elmhurst Police Department. Repeated violations can result in sanctions under the Elmhurst College Code of Conduct. Since your advice about other topics in the article was great information that will benefit new students, the parking suggestions may not be perceived as tongue-in-cheek, ultimately harming students who trust your advice. Please set the record straight and give our students solid guidance about making parking less stressful (arrive early, consider using the remote lots or the EC spaces along the railroad tracks, car pool with friends, ride a bike or walk), while helping them avoid the unnecessary cost of parking tickets.

Jeff Kedrowski

Executive Director, Security & Emergency Management