Leicester City: heart over money

Playing in the top division in England, Leicester City is one win away from creating history. After their 1-1 tie with Manchester United on Sun, May 1, the title is still within their reach. Leicester City was not the same team last season that it was this season. Last season they were setting all of the wrong records.

They set the record for the 2014-15 season for the longest streak without a win, which lasted 13 matches. They looked dead set to be relegated by the end of the season.

This season, many fans who are not supporters of Leicester want them to go on to win the league title. This Cinderella story means much more to the world of soccer than just a small team winning the EPL.

Freshman and Midfielder on the EC men’s soccer team, Keegan Thompson, explained his enthusiasm to support this small team.

“It’s very impressive and I’m cheering for them! It’s amazing to see how a team who was almost relegated the year before… become the most enjoy[able] team to watch from a soccer standpoint,” Thompson said. “With the likes of Mahrez,Vardy, and Kante pulling the strings of the beautiful Leicester side.”

Former manager Nigel Pearson sparked a run of seven wins in their last nine matches. This ensured their safety for at least one more season in the Premier League. What happened next would come to shock many fans.

“So, after not only getting Leicester promoted but pulling off the most miraculous escape in PL (Premier League) history, Pearson is sacked. Those who run football never cease to amaze with their stupidity,” stated Gary Lineker, former England player and pundit.

Leicester City would go on to hire Claudio Ranieri to replace Pearson. This was another twist for Leicester that many did not see coming. Ranieri was pegged to be one of the first three managers to be sacked this season with Leicester favorites to go down.

This is far from what has happened this season. Ranieri and his men would go on to have the most successful campaign in club history. Striker Jamie Vardy set a new Premier League record of scoring in eleven straight matches for Leicester City.

Vardy started his career at Stockbridge Park Steeles FC in 2007. This is not a recognized as a professional league. Vardy is the embodiment of determination and perseverance.

Through his career Vardy shows that anyone can make it to the top if they work hard enough. This shows that even student athletes playing at a Division III school like Elmhurst can achieve their dreams.

The record was previously held by Ruud Van Nistelrooy with a record of ten matches. Van Nistelrooy, via Twitter, didn’t seem too torn up about it.

“Well done @Vardy7! You’re number one now and you deserve it,” he wrote on Nov. 28, 2015.

Others have expressed their happiness that this small team has made it so big.

“I think it’s time we start giving credit to the players who aren’t the Jamie Vardys or Mahrez, or Kantes even,” said Robbie Mustoe of NBC about the team in a radio interview on Mar. 23.

Mustoe was one of the pundits at the beginning of the season who originally wrote off Leicester City but it is evident that his feelings have changed.

“I totally don’t mind being wrong about this [Leicester City being relegated],” he said in the same interview.

In a world where money is thought to mean everything; with a budget worth 15 million pounds, Leicester City are showing that hearts wins titles... not money.