Job search blues

I’ve come to a point in my life where I need to get everything together. I plan to graduate in less than two months and finally get jettisoned out into the real world.

Unfortunately, this becomes difficult when the most important thing in starting my adult life, a job, is plagued by entry-level scam jobs.    These are the jobs that boast community, growth, and use fancy words to try to confuse you. This has become a huge problem for college students who just want to start their careers.

I’m talking about companies that exploit college students, whether it be their talent or their sheer need for quick work.

After two months of valiant online job hunting, I’ve had the misfortune of finding positions that are advertised as one thing and end up being something entirely different.

I recently interviewed for a PR position that gave the impression I could brand a company and help promote their image.

However, when I went into the interview, it became about how I could be proppeled into management with my own hand-picked team within two years.

There was less discussion of my credentials and more of just the “growth” I was expected to see at my time with the company.

The problem is, this is how they get you. They show you what is offered, that you can make this much money in this little time … It’s that simple! (Almost said like an infomercial). But it’s almost never the case.

Throughout the entire interview I just wanted to say: “Slow down there, folks. I haven’t even accepted the position.”

When they FINALLY got around to telling me what I would be doing, it was nothing like the description I was originally given.

I believed I had mistakingly applied for the wrong position, though I checked later and this wasn’t the case.

There was no clear indicator as to what I would be doing day to day, which was a blatant red flag.

Thankfully, I didn’t continue in their interviewing process because it just seemed too fishy for me. After looking into the company more online, I found reviews from multiple users (both current and past employees) who had explained the job I was applying for was a clear bait-and-switch.

Rather than PR, it became about sales strategies, namely cold-calling and door-to-door.

Even though it is the time of year to really be looking for a way to jumpstart your career, pay attention. Don’t just apply to a bunch of places and take the first offer you get. Really think about the companies you are applying to and research them fully.

Your work is valuable, as is your time. Don’t let others take advantage of that.