How to decorate your dorm for the holidays

EC students Jessie Allcock and Taylor Dorband decorate the student lounge in West Hall with a Christmas tree. (Photo courtesy of Jessie Allcock)

December is finally here, bringing with it all the joys of the holiday season. The streets glow with beautiful lights and Christmas music fills the air, putting everyone in a jolly mood — until suddenly reality hits and college students at EC realize that finals are looming ahead. Here are The Leader’s suggestions to keep a little bit of the holiday spirit with you in your dorm room as you study.

Christmas lights

Christmas lights are relatively inexpensive — Walmart sells some strands for about $6 —but they instantly brighten up a room. They can go anywhere: windows, doors, the ceiling, a mirror or a bunk bed. For those who do not like peeling tape off of walls, place the lights in a jar for a beautiful holiday lantern.

Wrapping paper

Wrapping paper is a great decorating tool because it is both cheap and versatile. Use a roll to wrap your door, a bulletin board (complete with bow) or get a roll covered with little characters — such as soda-drinking Santas — and cut the figures out to use as decorations or ornaments.

Christmas music

Music might not seem like a decoration, but no Christmas scene is complete without Bing Crosby crooning in the background or Elvis Presley singing about the Christmas blues. WLIT-FM on 93.9 FM plays Christmas music 24/7, although the songs do tend to get a little repetitive. Spotify and Pandora are good choices too, as they tend play a wider variety of songs than 93.9 does.


Scented candles are a favorite room decoration no matter what time of year it is, but Christmas is the time when they really shine. Depending on where they are from, candles range from around $6 (Walmart) to $20 (Bed Bath & Beyond or Bath and Body Works).

Most stores will sell candles with festive scents such as “Christmas Pine” or “Winter Wonderland.” However, for those who want something a little more unique or who might be feeling a little homesick as the holidays draw near, Homesick Candles offers candles that smell like each of the 50 states. They are a bit pricey — $30 per candle — but as the song goes, “There’s no place like home for the holidays,” and the next best thing to being at home is imagining you are already there.